Bean Machine has reached EOL cycle bean is a fork of baked beans and wasnt designed for long term and the early buyers collecting have caused a non stop drop we tryed for weeks turning it around with injected funds. We recommend any new investors invest in our heavily improved Stable Beans yield farmer that has been carefully designed to improve on all of the previous flaws of Bean Machine.

Bean Machine has been a huge success, however, in order to move forward and keep exponentially growing our ecosystem, the decision has been made to phase it out in favor of Stable Beans.Stable Beans, in addition to continuing to attract crowds of new investors due to it's highly attractive APR and sustainable functions, will be continuously funded via external revenue sources derived from our entire massive ecosystem, and, in combination with the new sustainability mechanisms that Bean Machine didn't have, will be able to be maintained immensely longer than Bean Machine, as it has been thoroughly future-proofed.We recommend investors with miners still in Bean Machine to not compound or buy any new miners and to continuously claim and move their funds to Stable Beans, where we are confident those funds will continue to reward passive income.Link for Stable Beans in Links.





Mining Speed

0 BNB/24h


My rewards


Min: 0.01 BNB

Max: 200 BNB

Enter BNB Amount & Click Hire Below


APY: Up to 8%

TAX: 4%

? ?

Hire Miners using BNB.


Miners will start digging
and earning BNB rewards.


You can compound miners
using Compound Miners Button.


Click Collect Rewards
to withdrawal collected BNB.

Referral Program

Earn 12% of the BNB used to hire miners by anyone who starts mining using your link

your link: ?

You can earn BNB tokens for inviting new users to join BeanMachine. The BeanMachine contract has a direct, one-level referral system that rewards referrer when invited users deposit and withdraw their tokens. Promote your referral link and earn 12% referral rewards.

How to start mining

Help and instructions for DeFi Eco System

complete 5 simple steps












1. Send BNB To Metamask/Trustwallet wallet on Binance smart Chain Network (BSC).

2. In Metamask/Trustwallet Browser Connect to PANCAKESWAP and swap to BNB

3. At site:
A. Enter the BNB amount to Hire Miners.
B. Click Hire miners.
C. Compound Daily to hire more miners to increase you'r profit.
D. Withdraw Profit using the "Pocket Your BNB" button.

The object of the game is hiring more miners, sooner and more often than other players. This in turn earns you more BNB faster. Hiring more miners using your daily BNB earnings will 3x your miners within 30 days or less.


Need BNB to deposit? Buy here!


1. Choose a service to buy BNB using a credit card.

2. Enter the desired amount you wish to buy, the BNB amount will auto populate.

3. Complete the credit card information field both services due not store credit information.

After payment completes the BNB will show up in your selected or connected wallet. SIMPLE!

Verified Public Contract

The BeanMachine contract is public, verified and can be viewed here on BscScan.

The BeanFlip contract is public, verified and can be viewed here on BscScan.

Miner Info

BeanMachine pays 8% daily, according to the current mining efficiency rate. The mining efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other players hire miners, compound earnings and pocket BNB.


Bean Machine Ecosystem audited BNB miner with a huge 2,920% APY that will reward its investors with up to 8% daily return. Audited Same immutable contract as the well-known Baked Beans miner. Our dApp is protected by advanced anti malware software. Tax from Bean Machine miner will be used to market whole ecosystem. Bean Flip token is the latest addition to Bean Machine Ecosystem 10% total tax will be used for Bean Machine miner tvl buy backs. Coin flip game gambling platform in development 3% total tax will be used for Bean Machine miner tvl buy backs. Fiat buy option for a miner. Tax will be used for Bean Machine miner tvl buy backs.

WARNING: BeanMachine is subject to high risk. Please make your investment cautiously. Smart Miner and BeanMachine will not be responsible for your investment losses. Crypto markets and Blockchain technology are high risk! Always do your own due diligence.